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Tzvi Bar-David, DPM

Tzvi Bar-David, DPM

Director of Podiatric Surgery Service
Columbia University Campus
of New York Presbyterian Hospital

Robert Fridman, DPM

Robert Fridman, DPM

Podiatry Captain for
the TCS New York City Marathon

Stewart Kamen, DPM<

Stewart Kamen, DPM

Podiatric Surgeon for
New York Presbyterian-Lawrence Hospital
Bronxville, NY

  • Bunions

    Bunions can compromise the alignment of the other toes causing discomfort and hampering normal activities. Bunions are often genetic; we sometimes see generations of women in the same family with bunions.

    Learn more about Bunion Correction Surgery

  • Hammertoes

    Hammertoes are progressive – they don’t go away by themselves and usually will get worse over time. However, not all cases are alike – some hammertoes progress more rapidly than others.

    Learn more about Hammertoe Correction Surgery

  • Heel Pain

    Heel pain is one of the most common complaints among our patients, and it’s no wonder – the feet take on 60 tons of stress for every mile you walk. Your feet can handle a lot of strain, but if they are overworked, you may experience heel pain.

    Learn more about Plantar Fasciitis
    Learn more about Tenex treatment for heel pain

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an affiliate of:
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Columbia University Medical Center