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"committed to the right diagnosis and treatment"

Dr. Fridman is professional, and committed to the right diagnosis and treatment. He is highly competent while providing individualized care. He Carefully explains each test result, diagnosis and treatment alternatives. Dr. Fridman responds to questions with clear explanations and inspires confidence and trust. He specializes in complex problems and gets to the right solution, while creating a medical team when necessary.
GG, Greenwich, CT

"his methods healed my foot and my soul"

As a type-1 diabetic, I had the misfortune of sustaining a diabetic foot ulcer. Dr. Fridman treated me from my hospital stay to the debridement surgery and for months after when grafts were applied weekly. During my treatment, I couldn't have been in better hands. He is very knowledgeable about various wound treatments and takes the time to explain his best choice for each individual case. Not only did his methods heal my foot, he healed my soul throughout the long process.

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"a fast healing process with hardly any pain"

With Dr. Fridman as my surgeon, I had a fast healing process with hardly any pain. The experience was way better than I expected, compared to other people that had the same procedure done by other surgeons. The results were fabulous - I was back in shoes in 10 days and now I have no pain!
JO, Riverdale, NY

"treated me with respect and dignity"

Dr. Fridman gave me a shot when other doctors wanted to cut my foot off because of an infection. Dr. Fridman treated me with respect and dignity in a very trying time. In the end, my foot was saved and I am extremely happy with the outcome.
CM, New York, NY

"truly an outstanding and knowledgeable physician"

I have been a diabetic for 3 years and developed an ulcer on my toe. Three previous surgeons all reached the conclusion that there was no possible way of saving my toe. Dr. Fridman removed the infected bone and put a graft on, and now I have all my toes and can use sneakers to get around. Dr. Fridman truly is an outstanding and knowledgeable physician.
RB, New York, NY

"I can now enjoy activities like hiking with no pain."

Arthritis in both of my big toe joints was preventing me from doing the things that I loved to do. Dr. Fridman operated on both of my feet at the same time, which significantly reduced my post-operative recuperation time. I can now enjoy activities like hiking with no pain.
KW, Cranbury, NJ

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an affiliate of:
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
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