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"TERRIFIC is an understatement"

I don’t usually write testimonials but I am so happy with Dr. Bar David and his work that I felt I just had to. To say the Dr. Bar David is TERRIFIC is an understatement. About 3 years ago I had bunion surgery by another podiatrist and I vowed NEVER to have surgery again.

Post operatively the pain was horrific, not to mention the bleeding. From the beginning my foot didn’t look any different and several months later I was nonchalantly told that “oh the pins must have slipped” and to try all the methods to straighten my toe and relieve the pain that I used prior to attempting surgery. As I said I never thought I would try surgery again but once again the pain became debilitating.

Was I in luck when a friend referred me to Dr. Bar David’s office! He didn’t promise me miracles but promised he could fix it – and fix it he did so much so that I can’t believe the how good my foot looks – he did perform a miracle.. I know I drove Dr. Bar David crazy worrying about the pain I might have post-operatively, remembering the pain I endured previously. Dr. Bar David was always patient with me. And guess what!—this time there was no pain. I am so satisfied with Dr. Bar David that I am about to undergo surgery on my other foot.

PS – my husband thinks he’s terrific as well, having helped him with his debilitating foot pain via a pair of orthotics.

Esther Levine Brill, R.N., Ph.D. APRN_BC, ANP, R.N.

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