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"he really went the extra mile"

Dr. Tzvi Bar-David performed a Bunionectomy on my foot last August and I could not be happier. My whole life I knew I needed to have surgery on my bunion since it was hereditary and causing me constant pain. My particular case I knew would be hard since my foot was very deformed looking like a woman’s foot of their seventies (really) and I am only 30.

I heard a lot horror stories through people who had only minor foot surgeries which went wrong and it really deterred me from having mine done altogether.

Besides the horror stories-I have been very fit and athletic my whole life and having a surgery on my foot was a very scary idea, especially not know how I would be after or if I would be able to do the same things I did before. The unknown is always very scary. I met Dr. Tzvi Bar David through word of mouth and met him to see his thoughts on my situation. I was incredibly surprised by his honesty. He told me what to expect before, during and after the surgery.

He even explained the choices of anesthesia. He explained how I would feel after the procedure so I could plan accordingly with my work. He even took the time to speak with my Boss-a top plastic surgeon in the city, to make sure he knew the extent of what I needed done. Unlike the stories I heard of people missing months of work due to this surgery-not true, I was able to work a week after. He really went the extra mile to make me feel confident about having the surgery with him, how to prepare and what to expect.

What I am most happy about with Dr. Tzvi Bar-David, is despite my badly deformed foot-he literally fixed it beyond what I was expecting. I am back to activity and honestly it does not even feel like I had surgery on my foot. The recovery process was seriously not bad at all; I did not feel any pain-even when I woke up straight from surgery…I am back to jogging, back to the gym and most importantly back to work feeling better than I ever have (especially since I am a medical assistant on my feet all day).

Another exciting outcome of my surgery is that Dr. Tzvi Bar-David made my foot look like a normal foot. Aesthetics of feet should not be important and was not my main concern however it has been a big embarrassment in my life and anyone having or had the same problem as me understands exactly how I felt. I am so thrilled with his work and care I am having my second foot operated on this August. Thank you so much Dr. Tzvi Bar-David and your wonderful attentive staff for getting me back on my feet (literally).

Kelly Williams

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