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"an amazing experience"

Dear Dr Bar-David,

After living with a somewhat painful/uncomfortable bunion and hammertoe, I (reluctantly) decided to opt for surgery. The medical industry is filled with mixed reviews on the merits/results of bunion surgery; however, I decided to forge ahead. In search of a trusted podiatrist, I checked in with a cross-range of neighbors for referrals. The common response was that I should schedule an appointment with Dr. Bar-David.

Weeks later I learned that an acquaintance had similar surgery. Because she lives in South Jersey I saw no merit in asking about her experience – but did so in the spirit of having more information. She raved about her surgeon and strongly recommended that I see him. To my surprise, it was none other than Dr. Bar-David.

From the onset – the initial consultation – and beyond, my experience with Dr. Bar-David merits a testimonial. That Dr. Bar-David is affable, considerate, and attentive are all extras. He is a skillful physician who upholds all of the tenets of his profession. At each pre-surgery consultation (and there were several) he was extremely diligent, thorough, and patient. After much research, I nervously came to the final pre-surgery appointment with a (long) list of questions. Dr. Bar-David had me hold onto them, assuring me that by the end of the session he would have covered every question imaginable. He didn't disappoint.

The medical staff at the Dr.'s Riverdale office, hospital pre-admissions, prep nurses, anesthesiologist, surgical team, post-surgery care – all extraordinary. Every facet of the operations was run like a well-oiled machine; team members were completely in sync with each other. What to expect post-surgery was realized exactly as Dr. Bar-David had described. NO pain whatsoever, swelling for exactly the numbers of days predicted, and minimal scarring. Back on my feet in record time.

My surgery has been an amazing experience. Short of being a walking billboard for Dr. Bar-David, I recommend him without haste at the slightest mention of someone considering podiatric surgery.

Diane Cole

Midtown Manhattan
60 East 56th Street
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 355-4229

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an affiliate of:
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
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