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"immensely helpful in alleviating arthritis"

Dear Dr. Bar-David,

I couldn't be more pleased with the orthotics that I picked up from you. The previous pair I had gotten through another podiatrist were far more costly and totally ineffective. The ones from you made are beautifully made and will be immensely helpful in alleviating the arthritis that I'm dealing with in both feet. Thank you so much for introducing me to such superior quality items in helping me to treat a very painful condition. I appreciate it enormously.

Molly Robinson

"exemplary podiatrist and human being"

As a surgeon I am highly selective about who performs surgery on me. Superior knowledge, judgment, and technical expertise are mandatory. Outstanding communication skills and bedside manner are also required. I place my trust in a surgeon who places my welfare as the highest priority.

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"Bravo to Dr. Bar-David"

Bravo to Dr. Bar-David.

I suffered with quite a large bunion for nearly one year. Enormous pain when wearing most shoes. Dr Bar-David performed a bunionectomy in August. Recovery was 4 weeks. I now am able to wear all my shoes with complete comfort. Being a registered nurse and being on my feet I am extremely grateful for the expertise and professionalism of Dr. Bar-David exhibited. I highly recommend Dr. Bar-David for any problems with your feet. Again bravo to Dr. Bar-David.

Pamela Lopez, R.N.

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